Report on Staff Member "OpticIsntReal"


By CamBlacksmith_ 30 January 2021 17:54

Member · 2 comments

Hello , I am filing a report against staff member "OpticIsntReal" due to his continuous abuse of his permissions as a staff member.

Optic has chosen to abuse his permissions a few different ways that I have been informed of, or I have witnessed directly.

- He chose to use the staffing warning commands to warn me after I killed him. The warning was "give me my shit back" and he stated that I broke a rule by making him uncomfortable by killing him.

-He froze a player for no reason

- Optic was flying through the warzone, clearly breaking staff rule ( #5. Do not fly in any of the pvp areas ) and stated he was "showing the new players what to not attack" and he had hit me while flying in the warzone, then flew back through the warzone to pick his stuff back up.

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