Complaint on Helper OpticisntReal


By Moose984 6 February 2021 22:54

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On Saturday January 6th,
  Helper Opticisntreal decided to message me and instigate that I told him that another staff member was using kill aura, when in fact I did not and from some days ago it was spoken of I stated it then as well that I did not state that. This is the second time he has done it, and went as far as to blaming his med studies to him instigating a hack accusation to a Donator instead  of another staff member that is above him. I also have screenshots of him writing on signs negatively about the same staff member he tried accusing me of saying was hacking. I asked him to stop but he chose not to, I then took it to a admin who talked to him and eventually came to the conclusion that this is just creating too much of a issue and said to just ignore him. I shouldn't have to ignore someone who is meant to be helping the server.