SpaceCraft: Free Build Rules Addon


By runningmaster 29 February 2020 20:01

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Free Build Rules Addon

Land Claim
Your items and buildings must be within a land claim, otherwise, you will receive no support with core protect. If your stuff is within a land claim and it is griefed by a member than you will receive support. It is your responsibility for not claiming your land and someone griefs your stuff.

AFK Farms
AFK Farms are allowed, but not fish farms.

Griefing is not allowed and will be temp banned if caught. Any form of griefing anothers land claims from the outside is not permitted. This includes flooding or cobble-monstering the outside of another lands claim. (We have core protect so we see everything a player can do.)

Inappropriate land names
Any sort of inappropriate land names. Staff determines what is and what isn't inappropriate and this will largely follow chat rules.

Member Rotation
Lands are not permitted to rotate players in and out of their land. Rotating members in and out of your land frequently to bypass the land size limit is not allowed.

Unfair Advantage
This includes any use of a hacked client, ghost client or illegal mods to give yourself an unfair advantage over another player. Any modifications to any client or mod that will create an advantage over other players are not allowed. This includes X-ray, Minimap with entities enabled, tracers, etc.

Inappropriate Builds and Art
Creating Builds/Art that can be seen as offensive to other players is not allowed. This includes building swastikas, writing offensive signs, or any other offensive build.

Freezing Minecraft
Freezing your Minecraft to give yourself an advantage over another player in a situation to change the probable outcome is not allowed. If you try to bypass this rule you will still be given the correct punishment.

Lag Machines
Making or using any form of a lag machine is not allowed. Machines that cause the server to lag will have higher punishments than devices used to lag players out.

Nether Portal Trapping
Trapping players in a nether portal is not permitted.

Claiming land within 50 chunks of another land claim is not allowed. Your allowed to claim next to your friends if your working together.

Use of an Autoclicker/Macro/Modified Mouse:
Usage of any autoclicker/modified mouse/macro is forbidden on all realms. Caught using any form of the above will result in a punishment. Using this in conjunction with the use of alts to automate tasks will lead to harsher punishments, and possibly a disqualification from payout. Anything that is not considered you physically clicking will be considered an autoclicker (ex. changing buttons on your mouse to your keyboard, leaving a book on your mouse to automate a task.)

No Alts Allowed or any type of duping/duping machines allowed.

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