Report on Player "PixelBTW"


By CamBlacksmith_ 22 December 2020 19:29

Member · 2 comments

I would like to put forth a formal complaint on behalf of player "ShortWall168861" against player "PixelBTW". Pixel chose to multiple structures that belonged to ShortWall168861 and attempted to claim ignorance to the situation and proclaim that he was never told that they belong to her. Then he continued to claim the land her houses were in and ban staff member "AceXGambler" and player "ShortWall168861". The land was within 50 chunks of the claimed land of the guild "Oblivion" and was only permitted to claim that land under guild usage. He was removed from the guild for very valid reasons at this point and I would like to request that his land is unclaimed and/or the items stolen from player "ShortWall168861". This includes, however is not limited to: 2 Sell Chests, 2 Moderately Sized sets of Birch / Oak building materials, and some tools. I find this completely unacceptable and for him to be doing this, especially if he decides he would like to apply for any type of staffing position in the future (which he has made public that he will be/has already applied for builder).
Thank you for reviewing this complaint,
Player "CamBlacksmith_"

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